Image via Snapchat.

Snapchat Just Fixed Its Biggest Problem

well would you look at that!

Snapchat is fun. Snapchat is strange. Snapchat is straight addictive. There’s always been one small speed bump for Snapchat users, though—adding friends. Let’s be real here, the Add Friends function in Snapchat has never been all that effective in helping you connect with the people you love (or the celebs you just want to stalk), and their search option on the Stories page isn't much better. Those weird dot-matrix code things? Don’t use ‘em. Never used ‘em. Don't wanna use ‘em.

Truth, some of us (ahem) have found that simply texting Snapchat names back and forth is more efficient than attempting to find the particular John or Jane Doe you’re looking for. Is this you? It’s us.

Well, the little cartoon ghosts over at Snapchat are at least attempting to address the problem in the newest update to the ephemeral-messaging/video-lifeblogging platform. As The Verge so helpfully tells us, now you can develop your own URL, making your name far more searchable and discoverable.

Instead of sharing a long, unwieldy user name or having to already be connected with people via your phone’s contacts, you can now go to Add Friends and click the “share username” option. One click and, poof, you have a URL you can send. All your friends have to do to add you to their list of contacts, then, is click on it. Snapchat will automatically boot up on their phones—we know, we tried.

By the by, you can now add us just by clicking here (if you're on your mobile, that is). Handy, right?

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