sneak up

keeping it classic this winter.

by ali hoffman

Being from sunny California, the bitter truth of East Coast winters have required some serious adjusting.

Though many tried to warn and prepare me, there were three cold, hard facts I had to learn the hard way:

1. Never leave your house in frigid temperatures with a sopping wet ponytail (icicle hair = not so chic).

2. A "wintry mix" forecast is not nearly as cute as it sounds.

3. Tennis shoes are not appropriate footwear before, after, or during a snowstorm.

The latter is definitely the most problematic for me, as I'm not a fan of moon boots and can make no sense of wearing a heel on icy ground. 

Enter the sneaker boot, a new trend that waterproofs classic tennis shoe designs. But before you begin picturing odd-shaped boots that look like the result of machine malfunctioning, take a minute and check out our picks below. Among them are Converse's newest Chuck Taylor, which boast volcanized rubber for extra traction, Palladium's quilted high-top, Nike's snowboard-style trainer, and Puma's snow boots with a built-on sneaker outer sole, meaning this roundup will leave you winter ready, sans any embarrassing slips.

Palladium Pampa Thermal

Nike Vapen Women's Snow Boot

Puma City Snow Boot

Puma City Snow Boot

Converse Chuck Taylor Lady Outsider

Converse Chuck Taylor Alice Boot