perfume from the right side of your brain - the left side!

by ali hoffman

When shopping for couture clothing, furniture, or even a new jean jacket, we usually prefer going the vintage route.

But when it comes to perfume, we'd sooner go fragrance-free than douse ourselves in scents made decades ago.  If you're wondering why, we're guessing you've never tried spritzing yourself with your mom's old perfume, which might have been amazing back in her Studio 54 days, but now just smells like "old person."  (So sad; so true.)

But for those who cringe at the thought of wearing a squeaky clean, bubblegum scent, we've discovered an awesome alternative. 

Enter DS & Durga, a relatively new perfume label that manages to maintain a uniquely antiquated feel, sans an old, sour smell.   Started by a couple, the entire range is handcrafted and distilled in a studio in Brooklyn. But beyond the process, some of the fragrances are even inspired by the olden dates; their newest scent, "The Orchid Drinkers," references a cocktail once popular in Georgian England and combines fresh orchids with the warm notes of sandalwood and white tea.   Looks like you won't have to ditch your antique aesthetic any time soon. 

$85 each at DS and