‘SNL’ Lets Melania Be Queen Bey For A Day With ‘Melanianade’

They came to slay

by Lisa Eppich

Saturday Night Live's new season has started strong, thanks in part to the fact that we're living in a real-life article from The Onion courtesy of the 2016 presidential election. While SNL did bring back Alec Baldwin's incredible impersonation of His Holy Orangeness this week, they also decided to let Melania and company have their Beyoncé moment in what has to be the most tremendous, big-league cover of "Sorry" from Lemonade. Seriously, it's so good it'll make your head spin.

Shot in the same black-and-white style as the original "Sorry" video (but lacking the incredible cameo from Serena Williams), we get an inside look from Trump tower as the closest women in Donald's life get their chance to tell him off for his, well, everything he's ever done. Although Cecily Strong's Melania is perfectly on point with her pussy-bow blouse, the funniest moments from the clip really come from Kate McKinnon's Kellyanne Conway ("Always screwing up/ expecting me to clean it up/ said I'd stick with you 'unless...'/ I think we've gotten to 'unless...'") and Emily Blunt's Ivanka mourning for her now-ruined friendship with Chelsea Clinton. 

Of course, Melanianade also proved to be the perfect place for maligned daughter Tiffany, played by Vanessa Bayer, who we can only imagine wishes she had the platform to really say "I'll never be Ivanka in your eyes/ I don't give a damn, tonight I'm turning tables/ don't call me Tiffany Trump/ I'm Tiff Maples." Even better is a brief entrance by Beck Bennett's Mike Pence who, out of anyone, probably has the most regrets coming out of this campaign. So, sing it out from now 'til election day, ladies! Four fingers up, make 'em bend right, poke him in the face, tell him boy, bye.

Check out the full clip below.