Sofia Coppola Marc Jacobs Daisy

sofia coppola directs the new “daisy” commercial.

by liza darwin

Take a gorgeous blonde girl, put her in a flowing white dress, and capture the moment with cool, ethereal-looking cinematography. Sound familiar? It's a tried-and-true Sofia Coppola formula that hopefully brings back memories of The Virgin Suicides, but this time she's working her movie magic for Marc Jacobs.

The director and MJ muse just debuted her brand-new TV clip for Marc Jacobs' Daisy fragrance, starring model Ondria Hardin running around in a field of--what else?!--daisies. And while Coppola has modeled for Jacobs in the past, this is the first time she'e gone behind the camera for the designer. Judging from this clip (not to mention, the fact that their relationship is basically fashion-film perfection), finger crossed it won't be the last. 

If there's anyone who can inject some sparkle into your Wednesday morning, it's Sofia Coppola. So take a break from whatever you're doing and get lost in this mini-movie below.