The Trailer For The New Sofia Coppola Movie Is Like A Super Scary, Civil War ‘Virgin Suicides’

We can’t wait

There's a few things you can count on existing in Sofia Coppola movies: beautiful inscrutable blondes, a killer soundtrack, spare but meaningful dialogue, and lots of millennial pink. Well, with the release today of the trailer for her upcoming thriller The Beguiled, we are pretty excited to see that Coppola is in top form and all of her calling cards are present in abundance.

The film stars Nicole Kidman, Colin Farrell, Kirsten Dunst, and Elle Fanning and is a true Southern Gothic. Set during the Civil War, it appears that Kidman is the mistress of a stately house, in which she seemingly oversees the education, however informal, of an ethereal group of young girls and women. Trouble arrives in the form of a Union soldier, played by Colin Farrell, who is discovered wounded and alone on the house's grounds.

After invoking the most chilling words imaginable—"We can show him some real Southern hospitality"—the trailer seems to show Farrell making a romantic connection first with Dunst and then Fanning. It's hard to know what exactly goes wrong, but you know that something does, not least because of all the fraught glances Kidman throws at the girls in her charge. Also, the fact that the trailer ends with Farrell wailing, "What have you done to me? You vengeful bitches!" seems to indicate that things veer slightly awry.

We're big fans of Coppola's and think her laconic approach to dialogue will make for an incredibly suspenseful horror film, so, basically, while other people are looking forward to summer blockbusters in which aliens are decimated and Avengers, like, avenge things, we can't wait for this creepy cinematic masterpiece to worm its way into our brains and mess with our heads in all the right ways.

Focus Features will release The Beguiled in select cities on June 23, expanding to more theaters on June 30.