is this a tube of lotion or a painting portfolio?

by faran krentcil

In the world of seduction (or just plain feeling pretty), perfumed body lotion is a double-edged sword. Since it moisturizes and infuses skin with scent, it can be the perfect alternative to spray-on perfume, or it can just be "Ew, why do I still smell like fabric softener?"

To make sure you never have that feeling, the tiny fragrance company Tokyo Milk makes seven separate slathers for your skin.  There's Dead Sexy with orchid and macadamia extracts, Gin & Rosewater for the "I have a bar in my bedroom" girls, and zesty Kabuki with lychee and jasmine.

The scent lasts all day (yes, we've tried) but we're hoping the tubes last a lot longer: The art on their metal fronts is so ridiculously gorgeous, we're not sure if we should recycle it or frame it once we've gone through all 2.3 (airport friendly) ounces.

$18 each at