Solange Chromeo Lost on the Way

solange teams up with chromeo!

by liza darwin

What happens when you marry Chromeo's electro-dance sound with Solange's blissed-out pop? Only the best of both worlds, that's what--and their new single "Lost On The Way" is proof. It's the latest track off of Chromeo's new album White Women, and we can't get enough. Listen here! (Music Times

It was really only a matter of time before The Row opened its first brick and mortar store, and now the day has come. The 3,800 square-foot space on L.A.'s Melrose Boulevard is reportedly decked out in a chic, minimalist design. The only extravagance? Besides the uber-luxe clothing, the shop also has a swimming pool! Because this is Mary-Kate and Ashley's world, and we're just living in it. (Fashionista

Mac Miller has just released his brand-new mixtape, and even better? It only costs you the price of a (virtual) "sammich." Just drag and drop the bread, tomatoes, bacon, and the rest of the fixings here to unlock the mixtape featuring Earl Sweatshirt, Schoolboy Q, Rick Ross, and more. (Stereogum

Besides the fact that they're total badasses on the guitar and can shred your face off onstage, we heart LA duo Deap Vally for their....crochet skills? Yes, seriously. Julie Edwards and Lindsey Troy are actually pros at crochet, and they share their secrets here. Just think about that while you listen to "Gonna Make My Own Money" next time. (Racked)

Because we can all use some life advice from Carrie Brownstein, see what the writer, actor, and musician has to say about how she and Fred Armisen first bonded, having impostor's syndrome, and how she keeps Portlandia fresh. Get schooled by the coolest lady ever here.  (Refinery29)