solar flair

mac gets sunny

by jazzi mcgilbert

Just because we watch a whole lot of Planet Earth doesn't mean we lack love for the rest of the galaxy. Proof: we spend hours at the Observatory, believe the higher the hair the closer to Giorgio Tsoukalos (see; Ancient Aliens) , and think "dearly demoted planet" (not dog) when we hear the word "Pluto."

>>Here's what happens when MAC chooses a sailboat over a spaceship...

So obviously, we geeked out over MAC's new Heavenly Creatures collection (available now). The inter-galactic line of marbled eyeshadows and skincare products is perfect for us earthlings who want a celestial look. The 9 limited-edition shadows closely resemble our 8 planets (plus Eris?), but to avoid those messy mnemonic devices, they stuck with names like Neo Nebula and Aurora.

MAC always hits it out of the park with their creative collections, but this one is out of this world and available now.