Song Premiere: ACES “What Do You Think They’ll Say About Me?”

“what do you think they’ll say about me?”

by jenny lee

There's a myth that a summer song needs to be refreshing, upbeat, and poppy to fight against the endless heat. But Brooklyn duo ACES is correcting that with their new track, "What Do You Think They'll Say About Me?"

Previously compared to HAIM and Glasser, ACES' synthetic soundscapes are meticulously created to melt in our ears. Members Alexandra Stewart and Russ Flynn complement each other in the most perfect way—Stewart's sultry and brooding vocals pair gorgeously with Flynn's hazy synth and deliberate percussion. The result is a smoldering song reminiscent of a warm, thick summer night.

"'What Do You Think They’ll Say About Me?' is a song provoked by an introspective search for clarity. It’s those internal conversations that always seem to linger,” Stewart says. "In those moments, alone with your thoughts, every doubt and aspiration comes to the surface."

The track is the first of a collection of songs Stewart began writing in August of last year. After finishing the collection this past spring, ACES now creates music out of Flynn's home studio in Brooklyn. 

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