song premiere: escort x css

one party band remixes a new single from another party band.

by rebecca willa davis

Both Escort and CSS know how to get a party started--but they do it in different ways. The New York City-based crew fronted by Adeline Michele are all about disco-tinged dance tracks, whereas the Sao Paulo band are more electro-rock.

So what happens when you combine the forces of these NYLON faves? You get this CSS remix of Escort's new single "Barbarians." Gone are the cowbell dings and perky guitar riffs, replaced instead with throbbing bass and drum lines (it's the type of track that needs to be played as you're driving down the street with the windows rolled all the way down). If the original is the type of song you'd want to play at 10 pm, the remix is what we'd want to hear at 4 am.

Or really, at any time--and the good news is, now you can: We've got the exclusive premiere of the CSS remix, along with a free download. So you can blast it now, this afternoon, tonight, or tomorrow morning.

Click here for more info on Escort, and here for CSS.