photo by matthew franklin


song premiere: gosh pith “prints”

a foot stomping beat with rad guitar hooks

by kimberly larco

With a keen ability to mesh together a seemingly random sounds (ranging from classic pop structures to modern underground hip hop tunes), songwriting duo Gosh Pith has quickly earned a name in the indie blogosphere. And given their latest release, "Prints," it seems like they'll be a main fixture there for a while.

Josh Freed and Josh Smith spontaneously formed Gosh Pith after taking a psychedelic stroll through the streets of Paris. Their atypical inception is the basis of their sound: experimental "cosmic-trap" that's both refreshing and a little familiar (they list Otis Redding, Outkast, and Little Richard as some of their influences). The Detroit-based duo's latest single “Prints,” is a clear departure from their synth-heavy, Hype Machine hit “Window.” With its contagious beat, driving bass, and guitar hooks, the track pretty much guarantees a foot-stomping good time. 

Gosh Pith will release their new EP in the next few months, but in the meantime, feel free to play "Prints" on loop. We know we will.