Sophia Grace’s ‘Best Friends’ Is The First Official Jam Of 2015

With apologies to Rae Sremmurd, the biggest jam of 2015 (thus far) is nowhere to be found on SremmLife.more

Remember Sophia Grace? That little girl in the pink princess dress who achieved momentary viral fame back in 2011 thanks to a video of her covering Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass”? She just dropped a video for a new song, titled “Best Friends,” and it’s kind of a jam.

Yes, the 11-year-old Brit is giving us some of the emptiest hip-hop posturing in recent memory. And yes, the entire 4:23-long clip might be some vile new form of sponsored content for K-Mart. And yes, the beat is definitely aping DJ Mustard, meeting his 8-bit dungeon theme sound somewhere in the middle of Tinashe’s “2 On” and Jeremih’s “Don’t Tell ‘Em.” Maybe it’s even aping Iggy Azalea’s DJ Mustard-aping “Fancy,” but we’ve made peace with all that.

No level of aping-ception will keep us from Sophia Grace’s ode to your #1 girls, whatever their gender. Won’t you join us, fellow grown-ass men?

Text by John Walker.