beauty queen: sophie sumner

glowing skin fit for top models (and for us, too).

by liza darwin

Very few people are born with 100% clear, perfectly even skin, and models probably make up most of this list (there


a reason why they're models, after all). But even if you're tired, stressed, haven't slept in two days, whatever--there are super easy ways to fake it. So take a page from Sophie Sumner's book and show off your own glow with our shortcuts below. All it takes is an effective primer, a natural-looking CC cream...and a giant brush? Yup!

PRIME IT: Stila One Step Correct Primer- $36

Prep your blank-canvas face with this awesome multitasking primer. We've tried (almost) 'em all, and this one remains at the top of the list. While the rainbow-colored DNA helix-looking stuff inside might seem a little scary, don't worry--the colors go on totally sheer and leave your skin looking perfectly even. 

COVER IT: CoverGirl & Olay Tone Rehab 2-in-1 Foundation- $11.19

When two of our favorite brands collide--yes, that would be CoverGirl and Olay we're talking about here--you know the result is going to be good. The price tag isn't too bad, either. 

BRUSH IT: Becca One Perfecting Brush- $49

We know what you're thinking: "Brush your skin?!" But really, this all-in-one works. Basically Becca has taken all of the brushes covering your beauty counter and merged them together into this one beauty secret weapon. Comprised of super-soft bristles, it replaces concealer, foundation, powder, and blush brushes (covering both big areas, like your forehead, and tiny ones, like under your eyes). We've been testing it for a few weeks now and we're definitely not looking back.