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How To Have The Ultimate Spa Day At Home

it’s time for a little self-love

While we’re in the midst of the coldest and darkest days of the year, it’s important to take some time to care for our bodies and minds. In order to rid ourselves of the winter blues, a little bit of pampering and self-indulgence is certainly in order. While a day at the spa may sound like the perfect remedy, not all of us can afford to factor that into our budgets. The solution? Turn your own bathroom into a day spa (for a fraction of the cost, of course). 

We put together a guide to making the most of your relaxing day of R&R in the comfort of your own home. This is not your typical mask-and-cucumber-slice lazy Sunday, of course—we’re talking burning some palo santo, tinting your hair a rainbow shade (while deep conditioning), steaming your pores with actual flowers, and more—for the ultimate blissful and lazy afternoon at home.

Click through the gallery for our step-by-step guide to pamper not only your body, but your mind as well.

Set the MoodIn order for your spa day at home to be truly relaxing, you’ll first need to set the mood and atmosphere and get yourself in the proper mindset. We’re all about saging a space (or burning palo santo) to clear any negative energy and set a calming mood. Looking for something little less potent? Burning a candle or an incense stick can have the same calming benefits.

1. Magic Hour Astrology, Healing Handmade Ritual Candle, $20, available at Etsy; 2. Aquarian Soul, Floral Palo Santo Bundle, $15, available at Aquarian Soul; 3. Plantfolk Apothecary, Breu Resin Incense Sticks, $16, available at Plantfolk Apothecary; 4. Juniper Ridge, Small White Sage Smudge Bundle Set Of 3, $14, available at Jenni Kayne.

Treat Your Tresses to a Hair Mask—with a TwistThe occasional deep conditioning treatment is a must for all hair types, but why not try a treatment with a hint of color? Not as strong as regular dye, of course, these Overtone Weekly Treatments dispense just enough color to give you a tint in your choice of rainbow shades (choose from pastel, vibrant, or extreme depending on your preferred intensity) to give your hair moisture and a color boost.

1. Overtone, Go Deep – Pastel Pink Weekly Treatment, $28, available at Overtone; 2. Overtone, Go Deep – Extreme Teal Weekly Treatment, $29, available at Overtone; 3. Overtone, Go Deep – Pastel Purple Weekly Treatment, $28, available at Overtone.

Spend Some Time in the TubNothing is more luxurious and tranquil than a hot bath. There are plenty of salts, bath bombs, and herbs to bathe in with different benefits to ensure you get the most out of your moment. This is a great time to shut off your brain, whether you decide to meditate, focus on setting new intentions, or simply just relax. Cue the candles and smooth jams.

1. Fresh, Sugar Lychee Sugarbath Cubes, $39, available at Fresh; 2. Laura Mercier, Crème Brulee Honey Bath, $45, available at Laura Mercier; 3. Crystal Cactus, Floral Alchemy Intention Bath, $28, available at Urban Outfitters; 4. Lush, Twilight Bath Bomb, $6.55, available at Lush.

Clear Your Pores with a Facial SteamA facial steam is a great way to simultaneously open your pores and relax the mind. Simply boil two cups of water in a pot and allow your facial mix to steep for about 10 minutes, then pour the mixture into a large bowl. Keeping your face about five inches away from the bowl, drape a light towel over your head, creating a steam tent. Breathe deeply over the bowl for about five minutes—we promise, you’ll look and feel instantly refreshed.

1. Fig + Yarrow, Winter Herbal Steam, $26, available at Fig + Yarrow; 2. Mullein & Sparrow, Facial Steam, $14, available at Mullein & Sparrow; 3. Marble & Milkweed, Blossom Facial Steam, $17, available at Marble & Milkweed.

Finish off Your Facial with a Mask Now that you’ve opened up your pores with a facial steam, you can reap all the benefits from a facial mask. Whether you’re looking to detox, hydrate, or brighten, there’s a mask out there for you.

1. Herbivore, Brighten Pineapple + Gemstone Mask, $48, available at Herbivore; 2. Crystal Cactus, Detoxify Facial Moon Mud, $28, available at Crystal Cactus; 3. Sephora Collection, Bubble Mask Detoxifying & Oxygenating Mask, $19, available at Sephora; 4. Caolion, Pore Care Hydrating Mask, $6, available at Urban Outfitters.

Don't Forget About Your NailsOkay, so not all of us have a steady enough hand to execute the perfect, salon-status manicure. If you're not blessed with perfect nail-painting skills, we recommend a DIY kit with easy-to-follow directions and a cool effect, or a fun and crazy top coat over a bare or neutral nail for an easy mani that looks expensive. Remember—spa day is about relaxing, so you shouldn't have to try too hard.

1. JINSoon, Motif Polish, $18, available at JINSoon; 2. Cle De Peau Beaute, Nail Lacquer in ‘7,’ $25, available at Barneys; 3. Ciate London, Very Colourfoil Manicure, $12.50, available at Sephora.