can they coexist in one outfit?!

by faran krentcil

The strangely sweet alliance between Dan Humphrey and Blair Waldorf isn't the only odd couple this season. Thanks to this week's runway presentation by Ashish in London, we've seen the unlikely love connection between two super-different elements: grunge and sparkles.

The sparkle part is predictable, at least for Ashish.  He's often taken classic patterns like Navajo, floral, and gingham, and reworked them with more sequins than a Bollywood wedding gown. 

This season, he wove them through plaid, houndstooth, and even shredded denim on the runway.  But he topped most looks with moth-eaten wool sweaters in acid-dipped colors like yellow and orange.  Tights were snagged, with spider webs on each knee.  And creepers emblazoned with nasty messages like "You're not famous" and "This won't make you sexy" added a nice thumpy clomp to each model's walk.

But can the two extremes exist together outside of Leighton Meester's Season Four wardrobe?  That's up to you - after all, you're the one that will choose whether or not to wear them.  Check out our favorite looks below and let us know if a peace accord can be broached in your closet.