sephora makes magic out of plastic.

by ali hoffman

The fairy godmother from Cinderella's got one. The White Witch uses hers to turn people to stone in The Chonicles of Narnia. And in Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy steals one from Dumbledore.

But what about us? Don't we deserve a magic wand?

Thanks to Sephora, our wish has been granted (and it's way better than Maleficent's black staff).    Boasting four detachable eye brushes, this magic stick allows you to create everything from a mod cat-eye to the ultimate smokey look. Plus, since each brush comes magnetized, you can change up the order, or even leave one component at home if you're carrying a small clutch. 

Did we mention it's only $10? Maybe now you'll believe in witchcraft and wizardry. 

Sephora Magic Brush Wand, $10 available in-stores and online.