gwen stefani goes for the wet look…

by faran krentcil

When Gwen Stefani shot her first LAMB perfume commercial, she dove into a pool wearing red lipstick and black eyeliner that perfectly survived the chlorine, and the cameras. Besides posing in the shallow end, she filmed several underwater shots that looked insanely easy - probably because Stefani got an early aquatic start on her high school's swim team.

Now the pop goddess takes her water works into her other perfume collection, Harajuku Lovers, with a limited-edition bottle shaped like a mermaid.  Called G of the Sea, it's a more floral take on her usual "G" fragrance, with an added note of water lily to make it smell more like a siren.

Just be warned, the bottle is bigger than usual (imagine a curvier version of Mermaid Barbie), which means more fragrance fun for you, but also more space in your octopus garden (or vanity table) devoted to Gwen and her marina.

G of the Sea is $30 - $45 at Sephora