The New DIY Trend To Try Right Now

Spliced T-shirts

We all know DIY trends are huge right now, especially when it comes to using pins and patches to make your clothes more personalized. But those fads have had their day. It's time to get ready for the latest DIY trend, which comes courtesy of Marc Jacobs and Vetements and is a new go-to for making mass-market clothes feel special: spliced T-shirts.

Spliced T-shirts simply means two different T-shirts sewn into one, by combining the two right down the middle. You can create your own spliced masterpiece by taking out the scissors and sewing thread and attacking your two favorite tour T-shirts, graphic shirts, or a couple vintage tees, but if you're not too sure of your DIY skills, you can also get some pre-spliced ones, like one of the following six tees we found and love. Maybe buy one of these and study how they're created to try and make your own one day. It's a great project for over the holiday break; grab your friends and do it together. Until then, check out our picks in the slideshow below.

River Island, Black Spliced Print Cut-Out Rock T-Shirt, $44, available at River Island.

Jaded London X Granted, Tour T-shirt, $58, available at ASOS.

Off-White, Reassembled Short Sleeve Tee, $351, available at Revolve.

Topshop, College Spliced T-Shirt, $35, view at Topshop.

Cheap Monday, Medal Cut Tee, $49.59, available at Cheap Monday.

Missguided, Black and Grey Spliced College T-Shirt, $32.40, available at Missguided.