35 Spring Beauty Launches To Get Excited About

    Tax refund shopping trip, anyone?

    by , and · March 06, 2017

    There’s a lot of division in the country right now: pro-Trump vs. anti-Trump, team Nicki Minaj vs. team Remy Ma, Moonlight vs. La La Land, those anticipating the Beauty and the Beast remake and those dreading it. It’s a hard world out here! One thing that can help us all deal with these actual and non-actual stressors is making sure we’re taking care of ourselves.

    A good way to go about that is with beauty. The simple act of treating yourself—be that through a DIY manicure, taking a bath, putting on lipstick, or using a face mask—can do wonders for your sanity. To help, there’s a whole batch of new hair, makeup, skin-care, and body products on the market we thought you should know about.

    There’s a deep conditioner that melts into the hair follicles, leaving you with soft, commercial-worthy hair; a detoxifying African black soap mud mask that will suck the gunk out of your pores; and a bunch of others. A win for your well-being is a win for all.

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