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an organic trick to getting cigarette smoke out of your hair…

by faran krentcil

Here at NYLON, we don't condone smoking cigarettes. But like flaking out on your best friends, oversleeping, and kissing someone else's crush, we acknowledge that sometimes, it just happens. And then you've got another problem - even if you weren't the one doing the huffing and puffing, your hair still smells like the Marlboro Man.

After some careful experimentation (okay, fine - we went to parties for three weeks straight with friends who haven't kicked their nicotine habit...), we found a lovely solution:

Linden Blossom Oil from Persephene.

The all-natural salve has jojoba and orchid extracts, and though it's billed as a "dry body oil," it's great for shiny hair.  And if you need to rid your locks of last night's party - without ruining your blowout with a shower - here's the trick:

Put a squirt of the oil in your palms.  Spread into a section of your hair.  Take a flat iron and gently pull it through to seal the oil into your cuticle.  This will also replace the cigarette smell with something better.

Of course, it's still not an excuse to puff away!  Got it?

Persephine Linden Oil, $46

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