The Best Way To Spring Clean According To Your Zodiac Sign

Astrology’s domestic goddess is here

by christie craft

There are few seasonal rituals more satisfying than a thorough spring cleaning. Really! Even the laziest and most piggish among us can attest to the deeply healing nature of a scrub brush, squeegee, and broom and their magical effects on one’s living space and overall quality of life. Okay, fine, we all know how fantastic cleanliness feels, but how can we become motivated to actually achieve such an elevated state of being? Everyone’s drive is different, so when nature awakens from her long winter’s sleep, we can look to astrology to shed light on best strategies for maximizing our personal strengths—and our personal space. Ahead, the best way to spring clean according to your sign.

Aries: Yard Sale Empire

Unleash your Mars-given gift of business acumen and warfare on your clutter piles by holding a weekend yard, stoop, or garage sale. Spring is your power season—the perfect time to burn off some of that fiery creative energy by pulling your unwanted junk together into a DIY storefront in the sun or shade. Think strategically: Make a Facebook event invitation, post a free Craigslist ad, and make punchy neighborhood signs in advance to get the word out. Strike quickly and with precision, and your spring cleaning project could line your pockets all summer long.

Taurus: Comfort-ize Your Queendom

Most folks are eager to reintroduce some outdoor physical activity back into their routines with spring’s return, but what keeps sweet Taurus ticking is coming home to comfort. Take advantage of spring’s golden energy by placing the microscope over your bastions of chill: Flip lumpy, uneven mattresses, replace raggedy pillows with ergonomic ones, and give your bed an easy facelift with a new set of sheets or duvet. Don’t be afraid to live your best life by splurging on high thread counts or a luxe throw pillow (or seven).

Gemini: Cook the Books

A cleverly arranged bookshelf can be as interesting as a picture view. Gemini’s surreal knack for making the mundane magical is almost matched by their talent for Tsundoku, the Japanese art of collecting piles of unread books (only you devour them). Take stock of your personal library—if you still have a physical one, that is—by culling out well-worn reads to donate to your local library, community center, or shelters. Kick on some jams, dust your shelves and knickknacks thoroughly, then create a rainbow-licious symphony of color by arranging your book collection chromatically. Aside from curating a beautiful bookcase, you’ll have an excuse to fiddle away an afternoon or two thumbing books and getting reacquainted with old daydreams.

Cancer: Indoor Greening

Nature is blooming all around, so why not take a page from Mother Nature’s decor bible and invite some fresh foliage indoors? Cancer thrives on nurturance and maternal intuition, making these sensitive souls natural green thumbs. Take a field trip out of your shell to your local garden center, nursery, or florist to check out their spring offerings. Anyone can keep lush, beautiful foliage as a living part of their aesthetic (yes, even involuntary plant manslaughter types—reform is possible), just be upfront about your home’s size, sunlight quality, and how much maintenance you’re willing to give. Try an exotic bromeliad for darker rooms, self-reliant cactus varieties for forgetful plant parents, or the easy-as-pie snake plant. Adding a sprig of living green not only lends major adult vibes to any unfinished or easily cluttered space but also oxygenates and filters toxins from the atmosphere.

Leo: Dramatic Rearrangements

All the pageantry and drama of spring fever has struck and all Leo wants to do is sh-sh-sh-shake it off. Leo will sport almost any excuse to stage a revamp production, but because this sign is ruled by the Sun, Lions are especially sensitive to seasonal shifts. Don’t be meek about changing everything about a room’s arrangement, especially if you sense energy stagnation. Since most Leos generate drama like fire generates heat, these folks should be vigilant about keeping their home cleansed and free of wonky vibes. With flow in mind, experiment with rearranging your place’s layout until it feels cozy and inviting. Don’t like it? Don’t worry, it’s just furniture—keep it moving.

Virgo: The KonMari Method

Sixth sign of the zodiac, Virgo has a bit of a reputation for falling somewhere deep on the OCD scale, taking cleanliness and efficiency seriously in their everyday life. The most enlightened smartly mastered Japanese tidying guru Marie Kondo’s brutally strict-if-esoteric take on controlling clutter, the KonMari Method, illustrated in her best-seller The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. Kondo’s philosophy is simple but intense, just the way you like it: Sort items by category (like books or clothing) rather than by tackling an entire room’s contents at once, only keeping items that “spark joy” when held in your hands. Chuck anything that doesn’t pass the joy test and find a designated home for the keepers. KonMari isn’t about tossing as much as possible for Spartan living; it’s about nosing out what is essential to your happiness. Many Virgos have become Konverts.

Libra: Closet Cases

Out with the old and in with the new: For Libra, a new season means lots of new reasons to update their wardrobe. First, get your winter wares out of the way by storing out-of-season clothing in vacuum-sealed space savers or mothproof cedar boxes. Next, comb through your closet; press yourself about the last time you wore those drop-crotch genie slacks or those skyscraper torture heels; if it’s been over a year (or if you can’t remember...), donate. Organize your closet by item category (e.g., “sundresses,” “casual tops”), texture, and color to find pieces swiftly and easily. Fold T-shirts, undies, and jeans and stack them standing up in rows—you’ll be able to see all your options when you open your dresser drawer. Libra’s effortless sense of balance and grace can transform a boring, clutter-filled closet into a piece of design inspo by adding a sitting area, like a sofa or armchair, or a large potted houseplant (think: rubber plant or fiddle-leaf fig tree).

Scorpio: Scorch + Burn Baggage

As the most misunderstood sign in western astrology, you simply don’t get enough credit for being as sharply focused on the efficiency of your surroundings as, say, Virgo. Scorpio’s vigilance in creating a safe lair to tuck away into, to deeply contemplate and feel all kinds of deep, dark feels, is essential to their sanity and basic well-being. Because Scorpio is such an emotional homebody (metaphorically and sometimes literally), super-charged clutter can build up in the strangest places, distracting from normal activities to an intoxicating—even poisonous—degree. Of course, I’m talking about tainted keepsakes—photos, notes, T-shirts, guitar picks, dried bouquets, toenail clippings, a lock of hair, used tissues and the likes—from exes and lovers past, the fallen angels to underworld-focused Scorpions. Objects of obsession can be found loitering in overrun desk drawers, tiny wallet pockets, and underneath mattresses (you might’ve forgotten you put them there). One word: Purge! Destroy—like, with fire (safely)—any old items tainted with unpleasantness. Or just, like, give them to a mutual friend who can give them back to your ex.

Sagittarius: Vignette Your Life

Clutter isn’t just clutter to Sagittarius; archers are sentimental beasts, attracting wacky tchotchkes as souvenirs for every adventure. Never fear, no one will make you throw away your crumpled, beer-stained ticket stub from that time you saw Taylor Swift live in all her willowy-limbed glory, or tell you that that totally gonzo red platform stripper pump sitting on your desk that you caught one-handed at a drag show needs to go. Nope. Dust off those bizarro keepsakes and hoist your weirdness on a pedestal by artfully arranging all your knickknacks throughout the museum of your home. Every time you pass one of your small trophies of experience, you’ll be reminded of good times. Besides, who doesn’t love incorporating confirmed conversation pieces into their decor?

Capricorn: Wall to Wall

Steady Capricorn typically keeps up a tidy space, much like its earthy siblings, and rarely experiences the squirmy restlessness associated with impatience and flightiness. Capricorn is a no-frills kind of sign who isn’t fussy or precious about their space. Unless, of course, a frame has been nudged slightly so that it hangs just a fraction of a degree off-kilter—does it seem like four walls are closing in on you? Maybe you’re just a little short of breath at the thought. Exorcise your perfectionist demons by refreshing your wall art. Reframe beloved photos, prints, and original art with the help of a professional framer or with handy vintage frames snagged at flea markets, rummage sales, and thrift shops. Experiment with new layouts before hammering anything into the plaster by measuring the bare space, taping off an equally sized area on a hard floor surface (like tile or wood), and playing with placement. Use a leveler tool to make sure everything is sitting pretty and well hung.

Aquarius: Digital Dash

Spacey, progressive Aquarius is always the first to adopt the latest tech gadgets and apps, but with all that digital moving and shaking comes the responsibility of keeping each tablet, phone, laptop, and e-mail account running smoothly. For all of Aquarius’ love for mastering the tools of tomorrow, they cannot be bothered with glitches and faulty gear. Start your spring cleaning by making sure that all of your devices are up-to-date with the latest software. Double-check your privacy and account settings on your daily devices, updating personal information and preferences as you go along. Next, delete or migrate nonessential space suckers (think: selfies that didn’t pass muster, apps you never use) and reorganizing your home screen or desktop. Don’t neglect to wipe down the hardware—especially your phone—with antibacterial wipes and a Q-tip for detailing.

Pisces: #OrgPorn Your Makeup (or Desk, or Kitchen, or Art Supplies…)

Neptunian Pisces may not be the first sign you think of when it comes to spring cleaning, but these water signs have a particular taste for personal organization. (Keeping things organized and tidy, well, that’s another kettle of fish.) Creative, autonomous command gives Pisces a special talent for creating worlds and interlocking, even beautiful systems. They’re the dream dealers and fantasy weavers who love to escape reality for meditative, sometimes highly addictive or repetitive activities and hobbies. Turn cluttery spaces—like your makeup kit, vanity, kitchen cabinets, and desk drawers—into a thing of mandala-like beauty and high-functioning organizational prowess. If Pisces isn’t happy with the fantasy they’ve spun, they can easily swim away, dashing previous responsibilities and recommitting to a more hospitable existence. But good luck freeing yourself from the rabbit hole of Instagram’s inspo hashtag #OrgPorn.