What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Spring Scent

Astrological aroma

by christie craft

The idea of rocking a signature fragrance every day might make your eyeballs roll out of your skull and across the floor, but hear me out: Spritzing on a good perfume hosts loads of benefits, from polishing your spring style to elevating your mood and boosting confidence. Still, nosing out your ideal bouquet might seem a tad daunting when there are, factually, a gazillion fragrances flooding the market (who’s got time to sift through all those sample vials?). Ignore those pesky base-note descriptions wrapped in purple prose—why not look to the stars to siphon out a scent? Ahead, your guide to navigating this spring’s hottest fragrances by astrological sign.  

Aries: DKNY Be Delicious

Donna Karan’s olfactory ode to the city that never sleeps captures Aries’ bright, competitive spirit, individualism, and sense of adventure in this sporty spring scent that blends fruity notes (think: American apple, grapefruit, cucumber) with exotic florals (like tuberose and candid magnolia). Sturdy, masculine-leaning sandalwood and amber warm the bouquet and lend it a solid spine, evoking these Mars-ruled fire signs’ natural place as leader of the pack. Plus, its bold chrome casing is compact enough to throw in your gym bag, a must for athletic Aries.

Taurus: Diptyque Eau des Sens

Harmony is the life-giving elixir Taurus spends their life working to cultivate, regarding peace and cooperation as the secret ingredients to a happy, fulfilling life. Orange blossom, bitter orange, juniper berries, angelica, and patchouli intertwine in an earthy chorus sure to make stubborn, comfort-minded Taurus purr. Though Diptyque Eau des Sens is ingeniously simple, its spicy, primal arrangement provides a complex cushion that feels luxe and sensually arresting, a trademark Taurus—who’s ruled by Venus, goddess of all things beautiful and expensive—can’t resist.

Gemini: Calvin Klein CK2

Dubbed a “genderless, seasonless” scent, CK2 balances two opposing polarities—electrified spice notes and warm, elemental woods—much like the Twins’ intrinsically dual nature. Gemini’s ruling planet Mercury ensures that these intellectual air signs stay on the pulse of the hottest new tech, like the Headspace technology employed to recreate the scent of wet cobblestones in Tribeca and wasabi. Mercury also makes Gemini prone to gossip, and rumor has it that Calvin Klein’s update on the iconic ‘90s signature scent will become just as seminal to millennials as its cult-worshipped Gen-X predecessor.

Cancer: Maison Martin Margiela ‘REPLICA’ Beach Walk

Maison Martin Margiela has cracked the code to capturing a warm summer’s day spent by the sea in a bottle with ‘REPLICA’ Beach Walk, but its real mastery is in the fragrance’s ability to conjure the familiarity and security of the bond between mother and child, an intimate, maternal energy epitomized by Cancer. Fresh, breezy notes of bergamot, pink pepper, coconut milk, and lemon evoke bliss and tranquility, while intoxicating ylang ylang, heliotrope, cedarwood, and musk lend moody depth. Housed in a glass silhouette inspired by vintage apothecary jars, Beach Walk eau de toilette is dainty enough for a vanity vignette or countertop, a treat for these ultra-domestic moon dwellers.

Leo: Moschino Fresh Couture

Like grandstanding Leo, there’s nothing subtle or demure about Moschino’s Fresh Couture eau de toilette. Dramatic top notes of bergamot, Mandarin, and ylang ylang take center stage, while sweet, girly essences of white peony and raspberry play up Leo’s reputation as a torrid flirt. The perfectly ironic, Instagram-ready bottle riffing on a spray cleaner is tailor-made for Leo’s fiery, irreverent sense of humor, but the fragrance’s regal base notes (cedarwood, white patchouli, ambrox) make sure you know which kitty wears the crown.

Virgo: Marc Jacobs Splash Cotton

Mellow and crisp, Marc Jacobs Splash Cotton is made for Virgo’s exacting sense of space and style. Purity is top priority for Virgo the Virgin, captured by a floral bouquet of jasmine, lavender, and lily of the valley. Cleanliness and order—epitomized by the scent of accord cotton and bergamot—are essential for Virgo to function on a foundational level. Still, Virgo is anything but cold, taking a tremendous amount of pride in their warm, homey surroundings. These businesslike earth signs have no tolerance for clutter or tacky bottles, making Marc Jacobs’ modern, chill aesthetic a winning choice for their meticulously tidy bathroom cabinet.

Libra: Narciso by Narciso Rodriguez

Ladylike Libra reigns with graceful balance as the zodiac’s featherlight socialite queen, a fitting mate for Narciso by Narciso Rodriguez. Tender white florals (rose and gardenia) play harmoniously to Libra’s ruling planet Venus, goddess of sensuality, beauty, and good taste, while vetiver and white cedar highlight these air signs’ power of influence. Libra is gifted with a sharp eye for aesthetics and will almost always be drawn to timeless classics (think: leopard print as a neutral, art deco silhouettes, the ubiquitous red lip), like Narciso’s warm heart of musk.

Scorpio: Diana Vreeland Vivaciously Bold

There’s no murky grey area when it comes to Vivaciously Bold: Like enigmatic and intense Scorpio, this potent fragrance is polarizing to the point of being NSFW (literally). Oud, a resinous, mold-infected hardwood found in Southeast Asia, lends to its signature scent—a dark, complex arrangement of patchouli, vetiver, and bergamot that’s been characterized as “scary” (or “fucking crazy,” depending on who you ask), an olfactory marriage of dirt and straight-up sex smell that’s either loved passionately or despised completely. Pluto-ruled Scorpio thrives on drama, mastering the art of illusion and transformation as a means of survival, but similar to Vivaciously Bold’s bouquet of zesty citrus, and jasmine, underneath dark layers hides a soft, intuitive core.

Sagittarius: Tocca Emelia

You wouldn’t want to fence in a wild mustang or run a lawn mower over a field of wildflowers, and one definitely does not break Sagittarius. Tocca’s zesty and vivacious Emelia is a fresh, feminine scent that plays by its own rules, melding exotic notes of Chinese loquat fruit, coconut water, praline, fig, and bison grass—a wacky ingredient most commonly found in rare Polish vodka. An adventurous scent for the well-traveled jet-setter and free spirit, bohemian Sags will need only a splash to remind them how untamable and fierce they truly are.

Capricorn: D.S. & Durga El Cosmico

Capricorn possesses an unmatched sense of duty and responsibility of a bygone era captured by D.S. & Durga’s El Cosmico. Children of Saturn connect to hard work and tough, real-world lessons on a deeply spiritual level. Reminiscent of the rancheros and cattle workers of Sonora, Mexico and America’s southwest, El Cosmico blends ingredients sourced straight from the desert—Chihuahuan woods, creosote, shrub wax, Pinyon pine, and dry sand accord—to create a medium-bodied, masculine-leaning scent that’s been described as “a big shot of smoky mesquite tequila.”

Aquarius: Stella McCartney POP

Activism is the name of the game for Aquarius—even beauty products are expected to do double duty in the name of progress and humanitarianism for these social crusaders. Rock royalty and shining star of the fashion industry Stella McCartney is earning her keep in the fight to protect Mother Earth with POP, an environmentally friendly, eco-conscious fragrance set to launch next month. A bright bouquet, of unique ingredients like tomato leaves, violet, and green Mandarin, makes for contemporary, futuristic notes, while tuberose and plumeria keep the vibe uplifting and positive. With It girls Grimes and Lourdes Leon as its spokesmodels—a validating mark for in-the-know Aquarius—you know McCartney’s doing something right.

Pisces: Byredo Casablanca Lily

Wild gardenia, carnation, and Indian tuberose intertwine in a floral veil draping Casablanca Lily, a moody, nocturnal fragrance blurring the lines between fantasy and reality as only a Pisces does. Ruled by Neptune, lord of the churning seas, Pisces is a master at transcending intimidating depths of watery illusion, either therapeutically or for pleasure. Pisces’ uncanny intuition verges on the psychic, a unique trademark that some find at once alluring and unnerving—a trait shared with the night-blooming gardens that inspired the fragrance.