square dance!

sarah jessica parker rocks some serious ’80s fashion.

by faran krentcil

Before Claire Danes had a So Called Life and Blake Lively battled a Gossip Girl, there was Sarah Jessica Parker - age sixteen - who starred in the early '80s sitcom, Square Pegs.

Based on a group of high school misfits, the show follows SJP and her friends (our favorite - Merritt Butrick as Johnny Slash, who only wears black and constantly proclaims "I'm not punk, man, I'm New Wave!") as they navigate the tricky hallways of ninth grade.

The irony, of course, is that these teenage "losers" are cooler, smarter, and better styled than anyone else on the show, and SJP's "nerdy" outfits are so outrageously sweet that Marc Jacobs has probably co-opted them in his boutiques.

Want proof? The entire series is available for free on Hulu.com, starting now.