We Want To Live In St. Vincent’s Dazzling “New York” Video

It’s a pop art dream

The wait for new St. Vincent visuals is over—and oh, was it worth the lag.

“New York” came out at the end of June and presented a pivot in the guitar-driven Annie Clarke sound we’d become familiar with as she opted, instead, for hushed strings and piano. The song is gorgeous and sparked rumors that her ex, Cara Delevingne, was the person who lines like, “New love/ Wasn’t true love/ Back to you, love” were dedicated to. She talked around that fact in a recent New Yorker profile, and we don’t have answers for you, but who cares who the subject is when the video is this good?!

The singer makes heartbreak look appealing—at least as far as aesthetics are concerned—as she sits pretty in a sea of bodega flowers, shops for groceries in a velvet pink bikini set, and sings to a swan in a lilac-filled room. We'd happily spend money on an overpriced shoebox in Clarke's version of New York. 

Alex Da Corte directed the creation and sums it up pretty succinctly: “I think Annie’s New York is the New York of my dreams—one that is blurry and fractured, dreamy and flat,” she’s quoted saying in a press release. “It is the Toontown to my Hollywood. It is beautiful but slightly out of reach.”

Clarke shared earlier this month that her forthcoming project will be “all about sex and drugs and sadness.” And, well, that sounds more like the New York we’re used to. But we’ll take Clarke’s pastel pop art creation, too.