our lips aren’t sealed - but this lip color is!

by faran krentcil

Here's one more way to try out this season's neon lip trend: With a color stain. Joe Fresh makes a handful for $6, and they range from the traditional - a rhubarb color called "berry" - to the insane - a Creamsicle shade of orange named crush that looks so opaque in the package, we initially thought it was a tube of lip gloss. Fortunately, it's actually a little more subtle than that. The orange shade gives lips a slight pulpy tint, while its bubblegum pink counterpart brings a sweet pop of color to daytime lips. The deeper shades - a dark violet called plum and a red shade named ruby - act more like traditional lip ink, and richly stain skin with their colors. If you're up for some experimenting, you can even use the pink and orange shades as a blush tint - especially at outdoor events like pool parties and concerts, when a powder or cream would inevitably wipe off after you have your first beer.

See the full range of Joe Fresh lip stains, $6 each, online!