stay dry

we test out tigi’s new dry conditioner. does it work?

by faran krentcil

Like most girls with truly curly hair, I'm forced to ignore many beauty trends. Bangs are a "no."  Pixie cuts are a "you've got to be kidding."  And the dry shampoos that promise party-girl hair, like Cory Kennedy and Theodora Richards?  "Yeah, right."

But Tigi's got a new spray, called Rockaholic Dry Conditioner, that seemed intriguing.  It promises to "reset" and "reshape" dry hair, without any water.  But even if that kind of beauty vow works on a flaxen model, there was no guarantee it would enhance my curly mop.

I tried it last night after work, when my hair had been captive in a messy bun all day.  Using it was trippy, especially since I never get the super-femme experience of blasting my head with hairspray (another curly girl no-no). 

The unexpected thing is, the product basically worked.  I sprayed, I pulled my curls down, I smoothed out the back, and voila.  Super easy, super cute, and free of the frizz or sticky feeling that comes from other conditioning sprays.  I would definitely use it again, especially if I was running from my desk to a party (which will happen, about a million times, when Fashion Week starts in September).

My one complaint is the actual can of conditioner.  It's huge, which is fine on my vanity table, but hard for portable moments.  And if straight-haired girls can run into public bathrooms to spray their hair into submission with a bottle the size of an iPhone, shouldn't I be able to do the same?

$11 at Amazon