a body bronzer for the fairest of them all.

by liza darwin

After years of freckling (not tanning, but freckling) by the pool and failed spray tans, it's finally hit me: I need to stop yearning for sunkissed skin and just accept my fair complexion for what it is.

Even so, I've found a lotion that manages to give a subtle and natural tan on even the palest of pale skin. Jemma Kidd's Show Stopper Year-Round Body Glow is a lightweight moisturizing lotion that goes on almost totally sheer, save for a subtle glow. Instead of looking orange and fake, this shimmery tawny hue smooths on your legs, body, and even face to give you a "I spent the weekend at the beach" vibe. And while this moisturizer might come off in the shower, it's easy enough to use everyday if you want.

Although the color is probably too faint for those blessed with naturally tan skin, the sheen is just enough for those born with a milky fair complexion. So for the Snow White dopplegangers out there, get excited: we can have a (semi) tan and our SPF, too.

Buy it at select Target stores.