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staz in summer

the model tells us what it takes to be a muse.

by steff yotka

There's a long way being a model and being a muse, and we can safely say that LA-raised model Staz Lindes is 100-precent cemented on the muse side of the divide.

Maybe it's her music background (she collects guitars and her dad, Hal, was in Dire Straits) or her textbook knowledge of everything that's indie-cool in Los Angeles that makes her such an inspiration to photographers and designers alike, or it could just be her Angelina Jolie-lips and giant personality. Most recently she caught the eye of New York based photographer Gabrielle Revere, who just knew she had to work with Lindes when she met her.

"Staz had been on my radar for a while. I called her in for a go-see and immediately booked her for a fashion shoot," said Revere. "I remember thinking I would love to collaborate with her." We trust Revere's judgment for finding true modeling talents too--some of her other model collaborators include Karlie Kloss and Lindsey Wixson.

The resulting images feature Lindes in pretty pop makeup and heaps of our favoriteBing Bang jewelry. "Anna Sheffield [the designer for Bing Bang] and I envisioned a girl who personified the Bing Bang look, a modern day classic beauty with an edge. Staz was the perfect muse."

With the help of Cash Lawless on hair and Munemu Imai on makeup the team transformed the model into a rainbow girl for Revere's whimsical portraits. We grilled Lindes on her being a model muse, wearing blue eyeshadow, and being awesome. Check out her answers and all the photos below!

What was it like working with Gabrielle Revere?

Gabrielle is one of the sweetest people I've ever worked with. She knows how to keep the energy going and to keep people happy. The best part about her is she listens and loves to collaborate. It makes every shoot easy and fun!

Do you have a favorite beauty look from the shoot?

I love the blue eyeshadow up-do look. It's with my own top and I love the hair and makeup. I'd most likely wear that look in real life!

What's one beauty product you can't live without?


How do you get in the zone for a shoot?

Eat a really big breakfast.

What's the most important thing on set?

Food, good music and good vibes!

What's the best part of being a model?

I've always loved playing dress up and taking pictures ever since I was a kid. Modeling can be so much fun, like a collaborative art project!

And the worst part?

The worst part is when they don't treat you as a person, just as a mannequin. I also hate when there isn't any food and no one is calling you by your name. Thats when the angsty 13-year-old in me comes out!

What tips would you give to girls who want to be models?

If you have fun doing it, go for it! Make sure how good you're feeling communicates with the camera.

How would you describe your personal style?

It's either super-sloppy or super-tidy. I like having things no one else has. I either like dressing up like my dream guy or dressing up like my dream girl.

Who inspires you?

Shannon Shaw of Shannon and the Clams.

Who's your girl crush?

Kathleen Hanna.

If you had a superpower, what would it be?

Being able to move things with my mind or being able to teleport. I'm so lazy!

What's your spirit animal?

Koala bear!

gabrielle revere
gabrielle revere
gabrielle revere