stefan janoski in nylon guys

“I didn’t like sports, I didn’t like school—I didn’t fit in…”

by Josh Madden

stefan janoski in nylon guys

The "I didn't like sports, I didn't like school, I didn't fit in" story from 

Stefan Janoski

might be a pretty standard one as far as skaters go But did you know that in 2005 when Nike approached him to join their team, they told him that they weren't interested in giving him a shoe? 


was cool with that, but four years later they decided to give him his own signature model--and it's the only shoe he's worn since. The skater told us, "People had skate shoes and they had chilling shoes; I didn't like that. What I wanted was a low-profile, slim, simple, good-looking shoe that you could skate in, and after you were done, you didn't have to change to go to dinner."

Since its release, Janoski's signature model has been one of Nike's top[-] selling silhouettes. The design is so popular that it's 

offered in multiple styles

and was even added to their selection of 

customizable shoes


The success has afforded the skater and fine artist the forum to branch out and create in different mediums and explore other hobbies. To this he says "Being a pro skater, being able to use skating to branch out into all my other hobbies, never having to return to the real world, only having to be myself, and getting paid for it--I want my job to be "being Stefan.'"

Check out the full story and see more of what Janoski has been working on in the November issue of NYLON Guys. Follow the skater and artist on Twitter 


, check out his full line of Nikes


, and marvel at his extensive talents on his website 



-Photos by:

Geordie Wood