Stella and Bow Mean Girls Accessories Collection

a mean girls-inspired accessories collection perfect for anyone full of secrets.

by rebecca willa davis

We have seen heated debates break out over Mean Girls. Best line? Favorite character? Yeah, don't think we'll be able to talk about like calm, normal adults. I mean, when did it become OK for one person to be the boss of everybody?! [Cue freak out over Caesar and Brutus.]

So maybe the better way to show your favorites is by wearing it--and you now can, thanks to Stella and Bow.

The LA-based jewelry brand is launching a capsule collection inspired by the now-classic film penned by Tina Fey and starring Lindsay Lohan. Think cuffs emblazoned with "You can't sit with us" and necklaces with "Fetch." Each piece is named after one of the characters (yes, even Aaron Samuels has one) and there's even a BFF-inspired necklace duo--only instead of saying "Best Friends," it says "Best Bitches." Consider it the perfect gift for your frenemy--or anyone who agrees that fetch is definitely going to happen. The only thing it's missing? Something pink to wear on Wednesdays.

The line launches in mid-February, but until then you can play these Mean Girls mega-cut on repeat. We totally won't judge....

Stella and Bow Gretchen Cuff - $110

Stella & Bow Karen Clip - $55

Stella and Bow Damian Bracelet - $63.25

Stella and Bow Regina Cuff - $110

Stella and Bow Cady Bracelet - $37.95

Stella and Bow Janis Cuff - $63.25

Stella and Bow Cady Bracelet - $37.95

Stella and Bow Glen Necklace - $53.25

Stella and Bow Cady Bracelet - $37.95

Stella and Bow Necklaces

Stella & Bow Aaron Cuff - $23.30