stick up

the shape-shifting lipgloss strikes again.

by liza darwin

Lip products are clearly experiencing a major identity crisis. First there was the lipstick that slides on like a gloss, and now it's the opposite. Topshop and DuWop have both introduced two lip products for summer that are major multi-taskers.

Applied like a lipstick, each delivers the moisture and sheen of a gloss. But while the Topshop version is injected with a berry hue, the DuWop glides on sheer with subtle fruity scents like grapefruit and mint mojito.

Sure, you could label these double-timing makeup essentials overachievers. But unlike those annoying kids who always blurt out the answers in class, we don't mind this quality one bit.

Buy the Topshop Lipgloss stick here and the DuWop IcedTeas here!

DuWop, $16.

Topshop, $16.