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just HOW long does stila’s new stay all day liner last?

by liza darwin and yasmeen gharnit

There are beauty secret weapons, and then there is Stila's Stay All Day Waterproof Eyeliner.

Ever since it first debuted many seasons ago, the felt-tipped black pen has become a staple backstage at fashion shows and everyday life alike, thanks to a practically permament formula that lasts through essentially anything.

Thunderstorms, pool parties, sweaty concerts, showers...your cat eye will survive. 

To celebrate the fact that Stila's finally rolled out a full colorwheel of hues, we had to put the new set of inks through the ulitmate tests. See how they did in the gallery!

Editor: Yasmeen Gharnit, Digital Editorial Assistant

The Color: Cobalt

What I did while wearing it: Went to to the beach, got caught in a thunderstorm, showered, had a mini-Netflix marathon.

How long it lasted: It stayed on pretty well, for the most part, with just a little fading after I showered. By the end of the day, the color had dimmed to a baby blue for a cool '60s look.

Any other pros/cons: You have to press the felt tip down every so often to deposit color, which I found to be a bit tricky. I also found it was necessary to use a dark liner on my upper inner lid to make the color really pop. (I used Rimmel's Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Stick in Blackmail.) That being said, I definitely made the coolest cat eye of my life with this liner.

Editor: Liza Darwin, Digital Editorial Director

The Color: Intense Black

What I did while wearing it: Had my outdoor birthday party at a bar, which quickly morphed into dinner, more drinks, and a late-night dance party.

How long it lasted: Stila's not kidding when it says "all day" (or in my case, all day into the night...). My black cat-eye stayed on despite the 85-degree temps, lasted throughout dinner, and, with a brief mini touch-up around 10 PM, looked pretty much perfect past midnight.

Any other pros/cons: I liked the super thin tip, and the fact that you can layer on for more intense color. Unlike many supposedly waterproof eyeliners, this one truly doesn't budge--even during a sweaty dance-off. You definitely need to know what you're doing though, because the fact that this formula is SO waterproof, it means that any little mistake can be tough to remove.