visit a london warehouse with your tour guides, alice and daisy.

by faran krentcil

We've all been on walking tours, but Palladium's raising the game this summer with their latest project. They've set out to prove their boots are stylish and durable with their two new ambassadors: NYLON It Girls Daisy Lowe and Alice Dellal.

Their challenge was simple: Walk through hidden London spaces while wearing Palladium's rugged summer boots - and don't be afraid to go into the dark and hidden corners.

What did they discover? Palladium videotaped them the whole time, so you can find out on their website. And if you're more interested in the fashion aspect of Daisy and Alice than their actual footprints, that's cool, too:

Images from their Great Palladium Adventure were zipped to our office, and you can check them out below - proper footwear not required.