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born in the usa: stone cold fox

instagram, bffs, and an exclusive look at their new collection!

When Cydney Morris and Dallas Wand started Stone Cold Fox, they were pulling all-nighters and working out of their parents' Laguna Beach homes. Fast-forward five years and they're living the American Dream as one of the biggest indie lifestyle clothing brands on the market. We caught up with Cydney on her daily commute from Venice to SCF's design studio in LA. We talked Instagram, USA fashion, vintage shopping, and best friends—oh, and they gave us an exclusive peak at their upcoming Fall/Winter collection. And we must say, it's one of our favorite collections to date. 

The fall collection looks amazing! What was the inspiration behind it?

We kind of got inspired by old military paintings—deep reds, deep blues—and from there, we use lace a lot and this season. So we did these bright whites with these reds and deep royal blues that really bring the white out. There are a couple of prints in [the collection]; there's a lot of the reds and the blues. It's actually pretty American, but not in a Fourth of July way. It's very much the Stone Cold Fox aesthetic, but we wanted to be a bit more mature, and brought in a lot of darker colors because it's for fall and winter. 

What's your favorite piece?

Probably the Alabama gown. It's this really amazing bell gown with an open back, deep front, lace around the waist and the shoulders. Very Hollywood, really beautiful on.

You guys have always produced Stone Cold Fox entirely in the USA, is that right? Why is that?

Yes. Always. When we started, we used to cut every single piece ourselves and hand-do everything. And even when we started selling, we were still cutting from LA. We started [Stone Cold Fox] being really personal, putting Dallas and myself in to the clothing, making custom-made clothing. We want to keep the integrity of that. We're not in it to make huge mass-market[ed clothing]. We wanted to keep it personal and help the economy in America.

What are your favorite destinations across the US?

We go to New York a lot, New Mexico...I haven't actually gone to Puerto Rico, but I really want to go there.

What are your favorite restaurants in New York and California?

My favorite restaurant in NYC is Lovely Days and in Venice is Gjelina and Axe.

What are your favorite summertime destinations in LA?

When it gets really hot, we go to Palm Desert for the weekend and rent a house with some friends, or we go camping in Big Sur. Quick weekend trips. It's hard to take too much time off but, we go to San Francisco for vintage shops.

Where are the best vintage shops?

Just on Haight Ashbury or stores on Upper Haight. I love Decades of Fashion. They have a whole back room you can go have to tell them you're a designer, but they've got all these really amazing collections that we just get inspired by and sketch off of.

What's it like working with your best friend?

It's good! We've been doing this for a while. And we've known eachother since we were six. We're more like sisters—we have a good relationship. We both work really hard and enjoy each other at the same time. If one of us slacks, then the whole company slacks.

And last but certainly not least: Stone Cold Fox has one of the best fashion Instagrams out there. Do you have any tips or tricks you'd like to share with us?

We started our Instagram when Instagram first came out. I think we got popular because we personalized it. We made Stone Cold Fox a lifestyle brand; it was very Dallas and I. Like "What are we doing on the weekend?" "We're hanging out with our friends, but we're wearing Stone Cold Fox." So we try and really make it a lifestyle, bring in blog images, regular girls wearing Stonecold's a mix of things. It's not too genius, but its fun to look at.