Harry Potter Fans Get Ready For Quill & Ink Eyeliner

“May your winged liner have a fairytale ending”

Storybook Cosmetics is back at it again with the Harry Potter-inspired makeup. First, the brand brought us brushes made to look like wands and a bold “Witchcraft & Wizardry” eyeshadow palette. Now, we’re being gifted a quill and ink eyeliner. We are definitely not worthy.

As the brand’s illustration on Instagram shows, the liner comes with a glass (or plastic) gold-embossed container, where we presume the ink will be held. To accompany the ink is a separate liner meant to look like a real-life feather-adorned quill. “May your winged liner have a fairytale ending,” the post reads.

Stila has a similar Quill Precision Eye Liner already, which we adore. But this version goes above and beyond by allowing makeup and Hogwarts wannabes alike to combine their favorite interests.

You can pick up the set on Storybook Cosmetics sometime in 2017. The Harry Potter franchise might be over, but its magic will live on forever in beauty product form.