Photo via Netflix

A ‘Stranger Things’ Mirror Meme Has People Dropping Their Phones

Mirror, mirror

by Sandra Song

Are mirrors the key to the Upside Down? Most definitely, if a new Stranger Things-inspired video trend has anything to say about it.

As Mashable reports, for the past week or so, people have been posting mirror selfie videos of themselves dropping their phones to the show's theme song. The results are pretty impressive.

So how do you do this? Mashable says users record the videos by dropping their phone in slo-mo, and then edit them with "a backwards version of another slow motion phone drop." Slap on the iconic theme, and you've got social media's latest trend.

Naturally, some internet users have also been putting their own (troll-y) spins on the trend.

That said, this is how my take on the trend would likely go: