all the nail art that’s fit to print.

by faran krentcil

When our beauty director Holly Siegel announced she'd be doing a giant nail story in the April issue of NYLON, we freaked out. Nail art is one of our favorite hobbies, and every time we discover a new manicurist, polish color, or fad, we spread it around quicker than mono at a high school dance.

Turns out, we're not alone - this weekend, we asked our Twitter (@nylonmag) and Facebook (@nylonmagazine) friends to send us their most outrageous manicures.  The top eight submissions are below - with a lot more in the gallery pages.

Take a close look, then go and nail it yourself.

Click here for more reader nail art!

These insane RUN DMC Adidas nails come courtesy of Kleur in California. The name is the Afrikaans translation of "color."  Book an appointment with them here.

Gemma from Brooklyn rocks OPI's Cracked Katy Perry collection.