strip club

karl lagerfeld wants his new website to take it all off.

by faran krentcil

Karl Lagerfeld is always on the forefront of fashion - and the multiple worlds it permeates. How else to explain the creation of a Chanel snowboard just in time for the Olympics?  Or a Chanel guitar, played on his runway by Lily Allen and Irina Lazareanu?

Now Karl's taken over the website for Eres, the luxury swimwear company he's invaded for the season.  On the homepage are girls demurely clad in Chanel.  But "scratch" your mouse over each bombshell, and you'll soon reveal their scantily clad outfits underneath.

Do we recommend wearing them, along with full hair and vampy makeup, to your weekend beach jaunt?  Ehhh, maybe not.  But if you've got a certain someone to impress on a yacht, this is 100% the way to go.

See the whole collection at Eres Paris