This Is Quite Possibly The Stupidest QVC Argument Of All Time

spoiler alert: the moon is not a planet or a star.

It seems like everyone's been making stupid choices this week: First, some dummy printed Kurt Cobain's suicide note on a T-shirt, and then Riff Raff tried to sell himself as a prom date for $28k, and as the capper, Isaac Mizrahi and a QVC host debated whether the Moon was a planet or a star. 

In what may be the stupidest argument in QVC history (though, we're sure there are many, many more unfortunate moments), Mizrahi and host Shawn Killinger went back and forth, making complete fools of themselves. It played out like this:

Killinger: "It almost kind of looks like what the Earth looks like when you're a zillion miles away from the planet moon...The planet Moon...From the moon looking back at the Earth."

Mizrahi: "From the planet Moon...From the planet Moon."

K: "Isn't the Moon a star?"

M: "No, the Moon is a planet, darling."

K: "The Sun is a star. Is the Moon really a planet?"

M: "The Moon is a planet, honey. It's a planet!"

K: "Is the Sun not a star?"

M: "I don't know what the Sun is. We don't know what the Sun is."

K: "The Sun is a star. The Moon is not a planet. I knew it! I knew it!"

M: "The Moon is a planet!"

Mizrahi then instructed someone named "Chunky" to Google it. When a producer decided to investigate the Moon's existence, finding out that it is indeed neither a planet or a star, but rather a natural satellite, the two just wouldn't let it go. Because, why on (the planet) Earth would they?

M: "But things live on it—that means it's a planet."

K: "Is that what Google said? No, I don't like that at all. I even don't know what that means."

M: "Me neither."

For the record, there's evidence of once-living organisms on the Moon, but to say there are "living beings" is false. Also, the Moon is, indeed, a natural satellite, as it does not hold any orbiting power of its own.

So with that science lesson out of the way, let's finish off with this rule of thumb to live by: Don't ponder the properties of space matter on live television if you have zero clue what you're talking about.