Stutterheim x BASIS, NY

Founded in 2012, Basis, NY functions as a creative house providing services that span production, creative direction, conceptual development, and more.

For their latest project, the entity puts Stutterhiem’s assortment of its rubberized-cotton raincoat on display via a contemporary art-inspired editorial that highlights each piece’s vivid colors and quality craftsmanship. Some coats featured like The Stockholm Gul is a classic yellow raincoat with no separate lining, just thick rubberized cotton which is essential for layering in dreary weather. It also contains snap closures and drawstrings like other styles by Stutterheim and comes in a plethora of colors. If you need even more rain protection its sibling the Stockhom Lang  is an extended version by 25 centimeters and has a wider cut, a slit and a bigger hood. It also serves as a more unconventional raincoat with colorblock matte rubberized cotton. Coats and accessories from Stutterheim range from $46-$1,342.

Produced and shot at Basis Studios in Brooklyn, New York.

Words by Christian Lavery.