sub rap tee by nycparislondonhktokyola

An independent clothing label…

by Josh Madden

Oddly enough, fashion designer Peter James Lee's career started in Art in Los Angeles, not at Parsons or FIT. After winning design awards in school he went to work for sportswear giant Puma for a handful of years and then as many designers do he started his own brand, House of Cassette. The interesting thing about Lee is that he plays all roles in every project he is involved in, from the highest priority objective to the most menial task (think sweeping the floors). After making his own denim with House of Cassette he moved on to work with LA-based denim brand KR3W and played a crucial role in their recent massive growth. After working with a few other brands including Element, one of our favorites, the designer has re-started his own new project called NYCPARISLONDONTOKYOLA. With this new venture Lee is exercising all of his talents from writing and photographing to designing and actually producing the goods himself. His latest offering, the SUB RAP shirt is one of our favorites. Check out his web site and ever-growing collection HERE.