mor cooks up macaron lip balm!

by liza darwin

In New York, there aren't many restaurant openings that warrant lines around the block and Twitter trending statuses, but Ladurée's American invasion was different. When the French pastry shop hit the U.S., it was epic because everyone wanted to get their hands on the company's signature sugary macarons, which before were only available overseas.

That line may have died down a bit, but we've found another way to indulge your dessert fix without having to trek uptown. Beauty brand Mor recently unveiled a new collection of macaron lip balms flavored like the Ladurée menu, including green apple, lychee flower, and rosebud. With a formula of vitamin E, beeswax, and a sheer wash of color, these 9 pots are a surefire way to get the ultimate sugar lips.

See the flavors here....and if you suddenly experience a serious dessert craving, we don't blame you. After all, who says can't have your sweets and eat them, too?