What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Signature Summer Scent

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    by christie craft · July 12, 2016

    Summer’s intensity poses a threat to the senses, and for some, this season arrives as less of a harbinger of fun in the sun and more of a stench-n’-sweat fest. There’s no time of year when a spritz of something sweet (or sultry) is so vital, a magic potion to lift your mood in scorching temps, beguile the next object of your summer fling, or pump up your energy with bright, citrusy notes.

    But why switch it up when you like what you like? Physiology and your “personal chemistry” changes everything when the seasons shift and your favorite wintertime fragrance could seem off in summer—or worse, send the wrong message entirely. After all, none of the five senses trigger emotional response quite like the nose (hello, pheromones!). Luckily, we’ve done the guesswork for you on choosing the perfect perfume for your personality. Read on for your guide to the best signature scent for you by astrological sign.

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