Your Summer Guide To Winter Cities

    When the seasons change, so do these seven cities

    by · June 09, 2016

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    People who live in East Coast cities are brave souls. For about four months each year, your city transforms into a cold and inhospitable place, and everything that traditionally makes cities fun—parks, waterfronts, festivals, outdoor venues—becomes inaccessible. You stay indoors, and question why you live there in the first place.

    But then, as the weather gets warmer, something miraculous happens. The city begins to reveal itself for what it really is and always has been: a green, vibrant, and welcoming town with an abundance of things to do. And every time this happens, year after year, it never stops being a surprise.

    So now that it’s summer again, and cities are becoming peak versions of themselves, here’s our guide to some of the great cities at their absolute greatest. We could only scratch the surface, so you use this as a jumping off point, and indulge responsibly!

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