summer loving

a new collection of party dresses from asos that can stand the heat.

by rebecca willa davis

Not to hate on the LBD--we celebrate the wardrobe staple on the regular--but sometimes when you're at a cocktail party standing in a sea of black dresses, you kind of want to do more than just wear hot pink lipstick to stand out.

So thank you Asos for your new Salon collection, which lands online today. The nine-piece series (eight dresses and one amazing pair of sandals) features special occasion dresses that are anything but dreary. Instead, they're bright, they're bold, they've got lots of cool details (think floral embellishments or architectural column paneling), and they'd definitely help heat up even the most mellow of summer parties.

The entire collection takes its inspiration from the '60s and '70s--you'll see it in the silhouettes and prints, not to mention the prices, which are all well under $250--without feeling stuffy. But then, wearing acid yellow and neon pink does that to a person, doesn't it? Here's to our new go-to acronym: LDGD (that is the Little Day Glo Dress).

Shop the Asos Salon Collection here!