the summer solstice to-do list

our editors’ guide to the longest day of the year.

by liza darwin

Despite the sunshine, the hot temps, and the fact that we can't go a block without seeing a Mister Softee truck parked outside, it's actually not technically summer....until tomorrow. Crazy, right?

But not only is June 21 the first official day of the season, it's also the longest day of the year--meaning, you've got a lot of (hopefully) sunshiney hours to fill, and we know just the way to do it. 

From borrowing a puppy to hosting the ultimate picnic-slash-campout, check out our editors' guide to summer solstice 2014. That way, when the sun comes out at approximately 6:51AM tomorrow, you won't have to waste a single minute.

photo via @moxiegumpton instagram

"Bar hop down one street as far as you can go--from breakfast mimosas at 5:43AM to pineapple upside-down cake shots for dessert at 8:37PM." -- Jackie Yaeger, newsletter manager + city editor

photo via @moxiegumpton instagram

"Watch the sunrise AND the sunset."-- JY

"Make your own pair of faded denim in one day (take an old pair of pants and put it in the sun!)." -- JY

photo by anouk morgan

"I don't have any pets because cleaning up after myself is hard enough, but I still freak out when I see any baby animal. The summer solstice seems like the perfect time to get back in touch with nature... by scheduling a puppy tour! Visit all your friends with pets and maybe a few pet stores in between...heck, feed a few strays! It's good solstice karma. Just don't be too creepy at the dog park."-- Liz Riccardi, Design Director

"On a normal day I might eat half a pint of ice cream sitting on my couch. But on the longest day of the year - ice cream party! Grab your bffs and all the fixings or head to the nearest parlour and go crazy. Bonus points if your mani matches your scoop."-- LR

photo by bella howard

"Grab your friends order your favorite Chinese take out, plus thirty or so fortune cookies. Hit the park and don't stop munching until you find the perfect one. Hey, you might also learn some Chinese." --LR

photo by silja magg

"Explore! Take the subway out to a stop you've never been to before...and then spend a good hour or so grabbing some food, walking around, and taking tons of photos. Or, if your city's not one for public transportation, pick a random place nearby on the map and drive on over." --Liza Darwin, Digital Editorial Director

"Grab your friends, your dog (optional), some wine and food, and have the ultimate picnic in the park. Bonus points if your daytime picnic turns into a nighttime camp-out." --LD

"Pick up an instrument...because after practicing all day, you're guaranteed to be a pro, right?!" -- LD

"Slip this little mood ring on your finger. Then proceed to dye your hair that particular color, because nothing screams "relaxed" more than an ice blue mane." -- Yasmeen Gharnit, contributor

photo via @yazzysjazzy instagram

"Brew some glitter tea with bourbon, light some candles, and host a rooftop Tarot Card reading." -- YG

"Play record store roulette and grab random records you've never heard of, then revisit said rooftop for a 'viewing' party." --YG

"Write sweet love notes to anyone you've ever crushed on. Yes, everyone." -- YG

photo via @deniseyvettexo

"Change up your lip game with a new macaroon lippie every hour. #lipgamestrong" --YG