what's your summer vibe?

    a guide to finding your warm weather inspo

    by Gabrielle Korn · June 03, 2015

    illustrations by liz riccardi

    We're about to ask you a very important question, and you might want to take a minute before you answer: What's your summer vibe? 

    You see, a defined summer vibe—how you'd describe your signature style for the next three months—is crucial. No one has time to stress about outfits when there are warm-weather adventures to be had, and having a moodboard of sorts means more time in the sun. We're not recommending you wear the same thing every day, but having a #goal really simplifies things. Like, if you know you're feeling very Beach Witch this June, you can count on wearing variations on a theme of mystical layers of black with crystal necklaces every day. Or you might have a Camp Counselor situation going on, which will help you establish your day-to-day fashion routine. No need to try on everything you own before going out; just grab the things that fit into that catogory and you're good to go. 

    Click through the gallery for the summer vibes we're into—from Camp Counselor to Parisian Picnic. 

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