prada makes skulls for your sunglasses - but only if you want them.

by faran krentcil

When Prada made tiny robots and teddy bears to adorn their status bags, it was a classic example of childhood stuff gone luxe. Now they've done the same thing with the name bracelet - remember, those beaded things from summer camp - and all its spell-it-out glory.

This month, the Italian fashion giant launches PradaPrivate, a line of customizable sunglasses.  Available in black, tortoiseshell, and white, the shades allow you to dismantle the arms and add in two letters - or numbers, or symbols like hearts, skulls, and snowflakes - on the frames.  

But label whores can take comfort: If you can't bear the idea or buying something from Prada and erasing its label, you can keep the "P" and "R" letters that come on the originals.

Available at Sunglass Hut and select Prada boutiques