Beyoncé And Bruno Mars’ Super Bowl Halftime Show Dance Battle Was Fireworks


Yes, it was supposed to be Coldplay's gig, but with Beyoncé taking the stage after releasing her amazing new video for “Formation” just yesterday, it was the Queen's night. Billed as a tribute to the, "past, present, and future" of halftime shows, this year's extravaganza featured kids on violins, Bruno Mars on the vocals, Marc Ronson on the turnables, and lots of flashbacks to some of the best performances in Super Bowl history.

Naturally, there was the specter of the controversy that sprang up after the release of the “Hymn For The Weekend” video ealier this week. But none of those troupes made the show. A dance off between Mars and Bey plus some "Formation" washed a lot of that away (hot sauce will do that).

Now, with the Super Bowl kicking off with Lady Gaga’s incredible rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” we knew that Bey, Chris Martin, and company were going to have to bring a truckload of amazingness to try match her. They totally, totally did.